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The influence of childhood on the formation of a person's life position is the problem over which the author reasons. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The influence of childhood on the formation of a person's life position is the problem over which the author reasons.

In his article, the writer N. Polevoy tells us about how he learned to play golf. He learned the basics of this game in his childhood, but when the specialist began to work with him, the author realized how difficult the process of "relearning" is, it is better to master the correct technique of the game right away. The same principle, N.

Polevoy believes, is also characteristic for the formation of our life position. The first impressions of life are not the only ones, but often "they have incredible stability." "And how difficult it is to abandon what was laid down as a child!" - ascertains the author.

The viewpoint of the publicist is easy to define: "The position that we take in childhood is usually preserved and later, when we become adults. It is difficult to get out of the circle of entrenched suggestions. "

We can not disagree with the opinion of the author. Knowingly in the Book of Proverbs, Solomonov says: "Train a young man at the beginning of his path: he will not turn away from him when he grows old."

Many writers have speculated about this issue. So, John S. Maxwell in his article "The Position of the Winner" tells that since childhood he has never heard from his father a single word of praise or approval, since he held the opinion that " unbelievably show love or even just cheer the child. " Because of this education, the author, having created a family, behaved the same way as his father. The reason for this is, Maxwell says, that he "contracted" this attitude to life as a child, and now it is difficult for him to get rid of it.

Maxim Gorky in the trilogy "Childhood", "In People" and "My Universities" says that since childhood he has got used to hard work, has got used to never give up and not retreat, do everything to achieve the goal. It is this vital position, which was formed in childhood, helped him to cope with the "leaden abominations of life."

Thus, I can conclude that childhood, of course, plays a huge role in shaping the character of a person.

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