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Composition on the topic of Native Nature 2 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

So it means true-native nature is not just the trees around, it's really bigger, it's our house. The main thing is to remember that it needs to be guarded, remember that he is special, there is no such thing anymore and he will always attract us to himself, wherever we turn out to be.

Sochinee reasoning Native nature

Our world is huge. On earth there are so many extraordinarily beautiful places in which we have never been. But the heart is close to the nature where we were born and spent our childhood. This is our native nature.

Everything that surrounds us, we carry through the years with incredible trembling in the soul. How wonderful to wake up at dawn, walk barefoot on the wet grass from the dew and breathe fresh air.

This beginning of the day is remembered for a long time. In these instants we merge with nature. We feel more sharply how we cherish such moments.

Each time of the year gives its own special atmosphere.

In winter, we are happy with the morning sun, snow-covered firs, clean air in a pine forest. Nature gives you the opportunity to ride from the icy mountain, play snowballs, admire the frosty patterns on the windows. This snow whiteness is fascinating.

In spring, we observe how nature awakens from a dream: buds are blossoming on trees, flowers begin to smell, the sun shines brighter.

Summer is a special time. We get closer to nature: we bathe in rivers and lakes, collect mushrooms and berries and just lie on the green lawn.

Autumn is turning us around in leaf falls. We can walk along the rustling multicolored sheet, eat apples from our garden, enjoy the first warm rains.

The native nature is always with us, whatever we do, a part of it is nearby.

One has only to wonder what riches it is endowed with. Majestic forests, fertile fields, deep-water rivers and their inhabitants - all this nature generously shares with us.

It fills life with bright colors, gives new emotions and impressions. Next to her, the person becomes kind. And it is important for people to respond to her with kindness and love. We need to take care that next to us - do not throw garbage, put out bonfires, do not kill rare animals and birds.

When a person lives in harmony and respect for his native nature, he will be happy.

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