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Composition on the topic of Native Nature 1 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

"Native nature" is what surrounds us, wherever we are and wherever we go. It gives us strength, although many people in the modern world do not notice this, but it's not about that. In this essay I want to tell you what the words "native nature" mean for me personally.

First of all, my native nature is associated with Russia, but not with the state, but with the Fatherland. And one can not identify the nature of the native land simply with birches and fields. No. This is something more. How huge is the concept of "native nature", it's every morning dewdrop, it's thousands of springs, forests, flowers-and that's not all.

Native nature is very different from a stranger, and it's easy to understand a man who loves the nature of his Motherland.

It is special, of course, not only because it's "own", but also because each country has separate territories, which, in turn, have a unique nature. It is the uniqueness of nature that makes it possible to remember it, to study, to love, to understand it.

This feature of nature binds man to his native land, forms an invisible thread, such a connection, for example, was with Nikolai Rubtsov with his little homeland. When the poet was in a foreign country, he felt how he was drawn back to this sky, nature. And in fact even the sky is special when surrounded by its own native nature.

There is one interesting point that is worth describing: the nature of the native land, that is, which is familiar to the visual person calms him in any situation, the justified question-how ?. An example of this may be the flight of Belyaev and Leonov into space: it would seem, what does this story have to do with? But in fact, she directly answers the question posed by us. When the astronauts landed urgently, they landed in the taiga. Of course, in the modern world this fact is not particularly reassuring, but for those great people it was happiness. They recognized their native nature and it made them happy, they are at home. This fact allowed them to understand that they would be saved and survived.

Although this is not the only example, there is one scientific fact-scientists have proved that nature gives a person peace of mind, helps him to leave all problems and fills with pacification.

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