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Spring rain (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

After prolonged winter cold, snow drifts begin to melt, the rivers are freed from the ice that binds them, but the breath of spring is barely perceptible. The sun shyly peeps through, trying to warm its rays and wake the sleeping nature from a dream. And then comes May - the month when everything is dissolved. The first ringing drops begin to pound on the ground, intensifying with every minute. The long-awaited spring rain! You will open the window and the freshness will burst into the room. In cloudy weather, I want to breathe deeply.

Somewhere far away there are peals of thunder, which loudly declares the beginning of the warm season. The air is saturated with the smell of wet earth, conifers, nature revives and rejoices, the branches of plants rush to the sky. Thin trickles of water flow down the newly penetrated sticky leaves, along the flower buds.

Drops shine and shimmer on the young grass. It's wonderful to walk in the woods after the rain! Where you do not look - everywhere scattered diamonds rain drops. It is worth to touch by chance - and they crumble.

When does this spring begin? After the first May rain with a thunder-storm, when the sky in a few moments is drawn by gray storm clouds, and outside the window it becomes dark. When lightning flashes, dividing the sky in half, and bright flashes from them momentarily illuminate the district. Streams pouring from the sky, wash away from the face of the city dust and soot. Suddenly spring spring begins bringing with it a feeling of joy and lightness.

The sound of the rain is a special sound. This is a magic melody written by nature itself. Music that you want to listen to forever. As soon as the rain subsides, the forest is filled with the chirping of birds, the rustle of branches swaying in the wind, the whisper of leaves. In puddles, as in a mirror, bizarre silhouettes of trees are reflected. How fun to jump over puddles in the park!

Sunlight rays make their way through the storm clouds, illuminating everything around them. The first spring rain means purification and the beginning of a new life, when nature gathers strength and prepares for the summer. How beautiful are the droplets of rain in the rays of the tender May sun! They burn and sparkle, reminiscent of their fragility and transparency of rock crystal. At such times, you want to admire nature, admire its amazing phenomena.

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