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Spring again (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Hurry up the winter! At first, we were waiting for her, we just could not wait for the first snow and the moment when Dad will pull out the sled from the shed and we will be able to ride from the hill behind the house. And when you can go skiing in a nearby forest.

When the first snow fell, all the guys from our yard poured into the yard and we sculpted the snowmen. We rolled huge snowballs until late in the evening, and then put them on top of each other, put in their eyes-embers. And instead of a nose - to whom carrots, to whom a pebble, to whom - a stick. They were so funny! Several pieces are still standing in the courtyard, because for the whole of the winter there has never been a thaw and they did not melt. But everything has changed a lot, a little collapsed. Someone suffered from snowballs, someone crumbled from something. The couple do not have enough eyes.

And they became so dirty, gray. Like the snow around. Snow in the city generally quickly becomes dirty, shoes from it deteriorates and gets wet.

Honestly, I would like to see that this dirty snow has melted away, streaming streams ran through the streets and real spring began. I want to wake up from the fact that the sun's rays obstinately penetrate into the room and do not just shine, but also heat everything around. I want to see how the dirty drifts decrease. Of course, then our snowmen will begin to melt, which have been smiling at us all winter, but they are not so handsome as they were in the beginning.

And I also want to walk down the street, even to bounce a little - from the fact that the sun shines and a good mood. I want to go up to the tree and look at it on the swollen buds - such sharp, slightly bursting at the top, and from there stuck out tiny green noses - the future leaves. I also want to see how the sleepy fly, awakened by the first heat, crawls on the glass windows. As the sparrows are swimming in puddles, ruffled, loud - they jump into puddles, splash there and look at each other: here, they say, what a brave man I am!

I want to go to the park and see how under the cover of gray melting snow the first grass blades are green, so bright, tender and weak that they want to be pitied. But in fact, the grass is not weak, but very strong, because it can make its way even through the asphalt! It just seems so in the first days of spring.

I want to raise my head and see the sky - blue-blue, big-big. And in it - a corner - small approaching points - cranes that return home, and fly right above us. I want to shout: "Hooray! Spring has come!"

It would have ended the winter.

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