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My spring city (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

For a long time the winter did not want to retreat, there was a lot of snow in the city, but spring came and the warm rays of the spring sun were turned into snow into brook creeks. It's time to start paper boats! Spring does not come to our city right away. It's snowing for a long time, it can lie all March. And sometimes it seems that winter is not going to leave. Along the road, the snow is covered with a dark crust and is not even going to melt. The whole month is cold, and at times the snowfall throws up even more snow.

And now, at last the sun began to heat more strongly, and the first streams of melting snow poured down the road. On these first truly sunny days, I want to stay as long as possible on the street and watch how spring comes step by step.

On pavements everywhere puddles, in which runs of streams of streams. The murmuring water drains into the city's drains with a noise. The sun warms every day stronger and stronger.

Only a few days will pass, as from the snow there will be only rare dark heaps in the shady corners of houses and trees.

So comes to my beloved city spring. Trees are still wet and without greenery, but very soon young buds will appear from the swollen buds. In the open areas along the park paths, the first grass already appears. Very soon there will be spring flowers on the avenues.

Migratory birds appeared in the city park. They returned from warm countries and now joyfully sing, bringing to my city the sounds of spring. Very soon trees and bushes will be covered with green foliage and the first thunderstorms with spring showers will pass. After such rains, the streets become bright and friendly in the bright glare of the spring sun. On such days I especially love my city and I enjoy spring!

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