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Spring in the forest (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Walking through the spring forest is a real pleasure. Perhaps there is snow somewhere else - it's still March in the yard !, maybe the temperature is still not quite high, and we have to wear a warm jacket with a hat, but everything is already breathing the real, March air. Such a special atmosphere happens only in the first month of spring - everything is already breathing the sun and warmth, even if they pamper us very rarely.

How you want to breathe full lungs this air, full of smells of herbs and trees, blossoming buds and the first forest flowers! Very soon everything in this forest will turn green, but for now the leaves are just starting to appear on the branches of giant trees that have survived this winter with dignity. If you walk along the path for a long time, you can go out to the edge where flowers have already started to break through under the snow - and this sight is worth it to go through the whole forest. But only to tear flowers is not worth it - nature in our time and so offended so much that it is better to indulge in the contemplation of its beauty, rather than appropriating it.

After all, at home the flowers will stand at best for several days, and in the forest they will grow for months.

Go through the forest, try to absorb all the beauty, all the tenderness of the spring nature, all its animated, warm essence. Touch the real miracle - to the awakening life. Under the ice, the river is already running, breaking its winter fetters, the sun is already beginning to warm up with its warmth all living things, and perhaps you can even see the inhabitants of the forest - for example, squirrels. Who knows, maybe you can even feed the red forest princesses from your hands? Just in case, it is always worthwhile to have a feed for forest dwellers - after all, the opportunity to feed the animal is extremely rare, and is remembered for a long time.

And how much in the picture of the spring forest means the gleaming twitter of birds that bring spring and warmth to their wings? At last they returned from distant lands, and now they can sing their walk through the spring forest even better and more pleasantly. Although, what can spoil it? The unity of man with nature at the best time of the year is special and unsurpassed. After all, in the autumn forest you can enjoy the beauty of withering nature, in winter you can have fun and look at the forest in white clothes, but only in the spring forest nature and every part of it are felt so sharply, so brightly.

It is worth taking walks in the spring forest more often. Enjoy nature until it is completely defeated by man!

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