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Spring morning (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Spring is an amazing time of the year, the time of a real celebration of nature. Her life-affirming beauty is especially impressive in the morning, before the onset of a clear, sunny day.

As soon as the first rays of the spring sun begin to illuminate the sky, the earth comes to life. Sleepy trees, on which only gentle, still sticky leaves have appeared, are happily rustling. It seems they whisper about how well they slept and how wonderful that the winter is over. Chestnuts and poplars are stretched out after a dream with branches raised upwards. Willows and birches, dressed with earrings, gently rocked, as if dancing, like modest young ladies. Young maples stretch out on the string, like soldiers in the morning building.

They meet the spring sun with some special severity and seriousness.

To the rustle of twigs and leaves, shortly after sunrise, twitter of birds joins. According to the beliefs of the ancient Slavs, it is on the wings of birds that spring flies into the world. In the morning these little winged singers must sing the anthem to the sun. Each species of birds glorifies the spring and the sun in its own way: the sparrows are modestly and efficiently, the starlings are inspired and joyful, the little bunches are sweetly fun. Bird twitter gradually fills the open spaces, starting with individual notes and growing to a real concert. Of course, in the spring it is not as rich in shades of sounds as in the summer. But after a long winter pause, the bird orchestra sounds especially sonorous and solemn in the spring.

A spring morning for the birds is a time of joyous hassle. Large and small birds, having completed the performance, begin to work: they collect twigs, twigs, straws, dry grass for their nests.

With the first morning rays, the bustling insects also begin to fuss. The ants are hurrying to repair the anthill that rickety over the winter since the morning. Bees try to collect nectar from a few, just bloomed spring flowers. They drows sleepily over the yellow heads of dandelions, on the leaves of which dew drops are dappled.

When the dandelions wake up, it seems that the meadow has opened its eyes and started to smile. The smile of the meadow is answered by bright clouds in the high blue sky, passing the joyful baton to its reflection in the puddles. A special smiling atmosphere fills all the air.

So this morning, spring proclaims its victory over the winter sleep and despondency. Nature rejoices at the beginning of a new life cycle

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