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How to help birds in winter (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It happens that the winter needs only a few hours to enter into its own rights - for the night will cover the earth with snow, houses, roofs, roads, forests, fields. And we all rejoice that the winter has come and everything is white-white. It seems to us, everyone is happy that everything is hidden under the snow. But the birds, probably, are unhappy. Where should they take food now? And cold, and hungry for the birds, our feathered friends. On the branches and wires sit, ruffled, fly closer to human habitation in the hope that they will find at least some feeding.

Who can help poor birds? Only we, people. Only we know how to make feeders. Only we can hang them on the surrounding trees and pour in them grains and bread crumbs. Find out what birds live in your area, what their habits are, what kind of food they eat. You can make a feeder and hang in the yard, in the nearest park, garden or in the forest.

You can arrange a feeder on your balcony or outside the window. At first the birds will be afraid to fly up to it, but then get used to it and you can watch them gaily peck the seeds from the wooden plaque that you put for them. The board should have sides to prevent the food from being poured and the roof so that it can not be covered with snow.

What can be poured into the feeder except bread crumbs? Millet, oats (you can even grits of cereal), wheat, corn. Very fond of birds are pumpkin and sunflower seeds. For the titmouse, hang a piece of fat on a string. They suck at it with claws, swing it like a swing and simultaneously peck it. It looks very funny. If the birds noticed your trough and they liked the treat, they will fly into this bird's canteen regularly. Do not forget to pour food on them more often, it will be very insulting if they arrive, but there is no food.

Having made at least one feeder, you will help several birds stay in the cold months. Of course, they will not be able to tell you "thank you", because they do not know how to speak. But they will still be very grateful.

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