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Migratory birds (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Migratory birds are like nature itself, the embodiment of its cyclical nature. In autumn our lands leave, taking with them summer heat, and in the spring they come back, reminding that the cold has passed. Migratory birds! The sky, delineated by thousands of swings of wings, gives us an unforgettable impression, attracts attention and can not remain indifferent.

What a variety of these flocks! Here the cranes are flying, with an even wedge, they keep a strict shape and make proud, powerful wings with their wings. And here flies a pack of rooks, shapeless and fussy, with a large feathered cloud stretching to the whole sky. They can be watched all day long, now and again looking out the window: is the new flock flying?

At once there is curiosity, it would be desirable to learn, where they fly? What awaits them there? How did they decide on such a crazy journey across the continent? Yes, there to say, I want to join them myself and go on a long journey, looking what is waiting for us there, beyond the horizon ...

On their wings, returning from warm countries, birds bring spring.

It is still not very warm, the winter still leaves a memory of itself, but the birds, flocking behind the flock appearing from behind the horizon, create the same high spirits as the spring drops. Despite the coolness, you already understand that spring inevitably comes to us. A little more, and the trees will release the first buds, and in the air, if you breathe properly, you can feel the sweet scent of the approaching spring.

Birds fly, covering the sky, swimming in the fifth ocean, and we look at them from the windows of our houses. We watch, lifting our heads up during walks. Smile and welcome them as old acquaintances. Like the spring itself. And the heart becomes a little warmer. The anticipation of spring heat is perhaps the instinct inherent in nature, and every living being experiences it. As birds know that it's time to go home, so people unconsciously enjoy the arrival of spring.

Look to the sky more often! Do not miss in everyday greyness flying flocks of beautiful winged creatures! Let spring in your heart! After all, whatever would happen around, no matter how difficult life was, no matter what happened to people, the majestic skies would give us the charm of the gentle warmth of early spring. And they will open their arms for migratory birds.

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