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New Year (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The most amazing holiday I consider the New Year. It is a popular and beloved holiday, when everything around is decorated: streets, houses, shop windows and all buildings in cities and villages. On the eve of the New Year, we all become happier and kinder. We are preparing for a real celebration, we are acquiring a Christmas tree, toys, garlands and ornaments for it, we are thinking about putting it under the New Year's beauty for every member of the family. All the kids, who know how to hold a pen and write, write letters with requests and desires, which, of course, Grandpa Frost can perform. To this holiday, my mother always cook delicious dishes, she skillfully decorates the table, on it and candles, and new dishes, and cards for each of us - such is the tradition in our family.

But the holiday is not only at home, it is in school.

This is the New Year's carnival, to which we are preparing our fancy dresses. In our class there is a dramatic circle, in which we prepared a whole play for the New Year. We were given presents and praised for the game, especially the Snegurochka liked everything.

Meeting New Year for me is always some kind of surprise under the tree, which my parents are preparing for me. I also try to please them as I always do, and always lay down my gift for them. This is the only holiday when you can stay up until midnight, wait for all the battles of the Spassky tower chimes and make a wish. We listened to the President's congratulation, even everyone got up, was very solemn. Then they stepped out onto the balcony, where we are from the fifth floor, as almost all the city is visible on the palm of your hand. How there was beautiful and loud. Salutes firecrackers, fireworks are completely different and in color and size simply struck. Then we all got dressed and went to the city tree in the central square. How there were a lot of people. Everyone congratulated each other on the holiday, even unfamiliar ones, those who approached and wished us all happiness and success in the New Year. Everywhere reigned atmosphere of friendliness, community and magical national holiday. It was possible to meet elderly people, young people and young parents with wheelchairs, everyone wanted to be together during these hours. After walking up a lot, we go home, where we are waiting for gifts under a beautiful tree.

Every year I try to catch the moment when my mother has time to put them there, I understand that it's not Grandpa Frost anyway, because I'm no longer small, but I can not. She somehow manages to make it a surprise for everyone, so it's so much like a fairy tale with magic. Mom is a real wizard, she always guessed what everyone of us wanted to find on that night under the green beauty. Well, now you can all already say, Happy New Year!

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