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New Year's Eve (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Preparation for the celebration of the New Year is always one of the most joyful and most exciting periods for many of us. Sell &񗜻&񗜻holiday decorations and toys in stores begin already from the end of October, which creates a certain mood: everyone is already living in anticipation of something magical and fabulous.

But the busiest days are, of course, the last week before the New Year. Then those who did not have time to buy gifts for the celebration, hurry to do it. On the streets, you can also see a lot of people carrying living spruce trees home.

Directly on the eve of the New Year everyone is eager to stock up on food for a festive feast, and then on the morning of December 31 sit down to cut salads, cook hot and sandwiches.

This is how the preparations for the New Year and for my family are taking place, only instead of a live Christmas tree on our holiday there is always an artificial one.

My sister and I like to decorate this tree.

In general, the New Year is a home holiday for us, that's why on this day we rarely go somewhere with a company to a restaurant. Usually it's still a traditional family feast.

A few weeks before the celebration, my sister and I begin to prepare New Year surprises for our parents. We love to make original gifts with our own hands. In addition, we always organize for the pope with his mother some interesting entertainment, for example, arrange contests, show music numbers or skits.

This is how our preparation for the main winter celebration takes place, and in recent days it is always always very troublesome. We have to quickly finish everything that was postponed until later: the remaining gifts are bought up for friends and classmates, the costumes for the performance are mastered and the dress rehearsal for the New Year's performance is arranged. We also help parents prepare a festive dinner and set them on the table in time to be ready to joyfully meet the battle of the chimes and make their most cherished desires.

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