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Self-education (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Today every person has the opportunity to be himself. Everyone wants to be individual. But in the pursuit of freedom of choice, people sometimes forget about personal growth, which largely depends on self-education.

These two interrelated processes are necessary for any person who wants to achieve anything in life, rather than remain on the sidelines and vegetate in poverty and ignorance among the lower strata of the population. Each of us has the opportunity to develop, we need only to discern our potential and develop it. After all, self-education is also closely related to self-development.

What is meant by self-education? First and foremost, this is the cultivation of honesty, kindness, honesty, unselfishness, mercy, etc.

This is a conscious work on ourselves for development and improvement. A well-bred person can succeed everywhere. There will be no closed doors for him. The concept of self-education implies the ability to set goals and go to achieve them, despite the obstacles. It is very important to be able to analyze the causes of your failures and draw conclusions from them.

Self-development as an integral part of self-education plays an important role. To be a complete, interesting person, one must constantly strive for development, because the thinking person always tries to learn something new, expand his horizons, discover new opportunities in life.

If a person is successful in self-education, it means that his personality is mature enough and has internal guidelines. Such a personality is difficult to break, it will stand in all life situations and will certainly find a way out.

I, in turn, also do self-education. And even if I do not always succeed, I do not give up, because I really want to become a harmonious, comprehensively developed person.

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