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My favourite season (summer) (Сочинение на свободную тему)

Every year has four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Every season has its own charm and specialities.

My favourite season is summer. Finally, the cold ends and the vacation begins. In summer, you can finally forget about warm clothes. We can enjoy long warm days and sunshine, we can go for long walks. Nature is especially beautiful in summer - the forest is rustling with green leaves, berries ripen, the most amazing flowers bloom. We can walk endlessly along glades, forests, coasts and enjoy nature hiding there from the heat of the day and the bustle of the city, enjoy the singing of birds and the quiet rustle of foliage. It is a great time to breathe in the scent of herbs and flowers. We can also go camping with tents. In summer, rivers and lakes come to life, the water in the reservoirs becomes warm and you can swim in it, sunbathe, play beach games and sculpt sand castles.

The evenings at this time of year are so warm and calm. In addition, what beautiful sunsets we can see! I like to admire summer sunsets. They are unusual in their own way, as if the colors of some artist are spilled in the sky.

I love summer for sudden warm rains. It happens that you walk on the street, nothing portends a worsening of the weather and suddenly it starts to rain! I especially enjoy watching a rainbow appearing in the sky after the rain.

I like summer for its many fruits, berries and vegetables. Generous nature gives us so many delicious vegetables and sweet berries! Strawberries, raspberries, juicy apples... Moreover, by the end of summer, I like to eat watermelons and melons.

In addition, summer is a great season for voyages and trips. We can visit many interesting and beautiful places, see so many fascinating things and meet a lot of different people.

I literally love summer and I impatiently look forward for it every year. It is after winter frosts and autumn slush that you especially appreciate summer warmth. Indeed, summer is the season when the whole world comes to life and acquires bright colours.


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