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All people need coffee to wake them up in the morning (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays people have different views on the issue devoted to the necessity of coffee in waking people up in the morning. Some people think that coffee beneficial for awaking people in the morning. To my mind, they are right. Other people can not make the sense of drinking coffee when they have to wake up in the morning. So, in this essay I will try to express my point of view on this issue.

Personally, I strongly believe that drinking coffee is an essential part of people`s morning. Firstly, coffee contains certain substances, for example caffeine , which helps people to wake up in the morning, gives energy and makes their mood better. So, people will be active and cheerful during all the day. Moreover, strong smell of coffee wakes up human digestive system and the ability to smell and makes all people`s body work.

However, not all people share the first point of view on this issue. They are sure that coffee has nothing in common with waking up in the morning. It makes negative effect on some people, causes sleepiness and makes their mood worse.

Nevertheless, I can not agree with the statement above. I think that coffee is really useful for people in the morning. A sip of this beverage makes people feel hungry and to pursuit of food that wakes them up.

To sum up, there are two points of view on the issue whether coffee is necessary for all people to wake them up in the morning. I strongly believe that coffee is a key instrument to awaken any human being on our planet.

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