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The best way to learn English is to study abroad (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is one very profound statement which says that studying in another country is a great option to learn English. Lots of people agree with it, but the opponents say that there are many better ways to learn a foreign language. It causes wide controversy. Let us examine each point of view in detail.

I agree with the first statement. To begin with, living in another country makes you use another language constantly as there is no other way to communicate with people. You have to speak everywhere and all the time, so your skills will increase eventually. Also, teachers are more qualified in other countries. The thing is that for most of them English is a native language and they know how to use it properly. So we can say that these people can actually teach you how to speak it in a right way like no one else.

However, some people have a different opinion.

They claim that studying abroad is too expensive and there are lots of cheaper alternatives which help even better.

I disagree with these arguments. Of course, learning a foreign language in another country costs lots of money, but it is worth it. It effectively helps you to master your skills and as a result you will be able to speak English fluently in a few years.

In conclusion, you should not be afraid to speak with foreigners while you in other countries. Otherwise you will never learn how to speak properly.


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