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Say why people go to these places and what they do there (Школьные сочинения)

ГДЗ по английскому языку; Rainbow English; 5-й класс; Рабочая тетрадь; Unit 4; упр. 12; стр. 70.


People go to museums to see different exhibits like pictures, sculptures, books, clothes, collections and other unusual things. People learn a lot when they visit museums. They often ask the guides questions. Sometimes people take photos of the exhibits that they find most interesting.


People visit theatres because they want to see staged versions of their favourite books or films, listen to songs and enjoy beautiful settings. When people enter the theatre, they find a seat and start looking at the stage. If the seat is far from the stage, people may use binoculars to see the stage better. People often bring cameras to the theatre and take photos of the best actors and actresses.

Opera houses

People go to opera houses to listen to singers and enjoy great music.

They take their seats and watch what is going on on the stage. After the concert, people may buy disks with the songs they heard.


People of all ages like circuses very much because there they can see a lot of clever trained animals and talented artists. Visiting the circus always gives people a lot of pleasure and makes them feel happy. During the show, people often take photos of animals that are performing on the ring. And after the show, it's often possible to take pictures with some of those animals or with the artists.


Going to the zoo is a very popular pastime among both children and adults. At the zoo, people walk around cages and look at different animals: wild animals and domestic animals, big animals and small animals, southern animals and northern animals. It is interesting to watch animals, read information about them and take photos of them.

Pet shops

People go to pet shops to buy pets or food for their pets. If they come for a pet, they look at different pets and choose the one that they want. If they come for food, they choose the food their pet likes and buy that food. If there is something that people do not know, they put questions to the shop assistant.


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