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Does modern self-help book actually help (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays many of self-help books are best sellers. Some critics claim that they are actually bad for us promoting placebo effect (false hope syndrome), but others say that such books really help people. There are different topics that authors reveal in their books (business and money, health, relationships between people and etc) or how experts say there are four categories. These are : personal growth, relationships, coping and identity.

As for me, I didn’t read any of modern self-help books. I think that our lives is something individual, so I don’t believe that I will face a problem absolutely similar with author did. So his decisions and advice are unlikely to help get the same result in my life.

The only interesting topic for me is psychology. but even these books are different. books that I would read - books written by psychologists with many years of experience. I believe that their experience and the experiments they conducted can be useful or simply interesting to read. I believe that the nature of a man’s campaign with all representatives of the human race, despite the fact that we all have different characters and outlooks on life, therefore psychology books can help to learn something new about the way people behave, about how to behave better in different situations, how to tackle with problems.

All In all self-help are still very popular, so while people read these books and buy them, they will continue to remain in the top sales. If many people read these books, then they consider them useful for themselves.


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