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№40.1 It is important for teenagers to have a lot of free time (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Our world has changed drastically. Teenagers have to study all the time to pass exams outstandingly and to get in a dream college. This thought-provoking topic arouses heated debates. Some people tend to think that students are really in need of much spare time whereas others claim that teenagers should devote all their time to study.

Personally, I believe that free time might be the most valuable aspect of teenagers' lives. First of all, spare time helps a young person to make introspection and discover interests and just unwind, which is a crucial step in a child development. Moreover, it indeed helps with a future career choice. Secondly, significant amount of free time gives a great opportunity to spend it with family.

Foremost, doing something one-on-one with parents can be a treat for a teenager. Sooner or later a teenager will leave a family unit, because of such circumstances it is quite important to create special memories together.

Nonetheless, many people doubt much spare time making importance in a teenagers' lives. They claim that school should be the only important aspect in a life of a child. Friend, parties, hanging out-all of this spoils a teenager.

In my opinion, this reasoning is flawed. I strongly believe education being not as significant as self-development and astonishing childhood. Many people who has been growing up only thinking about school often feels sorrowful and depressed because of the lack of delighted memories.

In conclusion I would like to emphasize that childhood is the most cheerful time in one's life. Only great amount of free time spent doing diverse activities is able to make it vivid.


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