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It is more enjoyable to live in a big family (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

More and more people are debating about what kind of family is better fer a person. Some people believe they being in a big family has more advantages. Others are sure that living in a small family is more convenient.

As for me, I suppose that it is more satisfying to grow up in a grand family. First and foremost, the gross family can provide more people to help in difficult situations. Secondly, in a giant family children obtain the skill of communication because they can always play together or talk to each other. It can help people to carve the best career. Finally, fig family teaches every child to take care about other relatives. It will be very useful when they start their own family as economic unit because of the growth of divorces now.

However, others think that it is amiss to have many family members. Their opinion is based on the fact that parents can give more love to one kid. They can provide him better education, for instance. Besides, it is more economic to bring up one child than two or more.

I do not agree with this opinion. Firstly, infants who grow up in a small family almost always are selfish. This character trait will disturb them in future when they will try to make a pal or start a family by themselves. Furthermore, to raise up a one child is not always cheapier than two or more because the children will go working when they will be older.

Finally, there are two disputing views on the problem of family choice. Personally, I hold to the opinion that live in a big family is better than in a smaller one. (275)


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