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How important is job satisfaction? (Школьные сочинения)

Why being satisfied by job is important? I think that every employee has ever wondered why he is not successful at work. The main reason is satisfaction. Work may be very easy or very hard, but if you don’t like what you do, you won't get any result. You will be annoyed and tired and you will lose your concentration. Now I want to share my thoughts about this theme with you and find out how people can get job satisfaction.

I think that job satisfaction is an inalienable part of success. Well, it isn't easy to enjoy your work and it's difficult to love it because every day routine makes you feel stressed and snowed under. Some people have a very heavy workload, they don't feel themselves valued or maybe their bosses or colleagues stifle their creativity. That's why they can't get a job satisfaction and achieve their goals.

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I suppose that every person can enjoy his work if he will do some special things for it. First of all, you need to accept all pros and cons of your job and find a balance between them. Also, for getting job satisfaction you need to have all the necessary conditions such as perfect work team and team spirit in it. You should have a common goal which will lead you to successful future. Working in collaboration and pulling all your thoughts, ideas, knowledge together can be very useful. Showing enterprise and being initiative will be encouraged by your employer. It will improve your morale and foster your productivity. Moreover, it is very important to have an opportunity to realize your ambitions and to improve your skills because if you want to get a brilliant career you must develop every day. Sometimes there will be necessity to sweat over your work and, of course, you will be really exhausted. That's why you should know how to relax and distract from it. For example, six weeks’ paid holiday is a wonderful idea. If you don't do this, you will burn out. Actually, every person should know what way of working is more convenient for him. Do you want to work on someone or do you want to be accountable to anyone? It's an important part of getting job satisfaction too.

In conclusion I want to say that people should know what kind of job will make them happy. Maybe it'll be high powered, steady and well-paid job like a businessman or dead-end job like a bus driver. I should admit that success isn't about money, success is about harmony and happiness inside. Job satisfaction is a key to success.

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