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Money must be managed, not served (Школьные сочинения)

In the modern world, a person can hardly survive without money. Why practically? Today everything depends on material wealth! Payment of utility bills, bread in the store, education, travel. Even if a person grows vegetables himself, has hens that carry eggs, and a cow that gives milk, you still have to pay for electricity and gas, buy clothes and shoes. But even in this case, you can learn to manage your money, and not serve them!

Many writers wrote about the power of money over people. Karpenko-Cargo, in his work The Boss, described a character who, even for the sake of his own life, did not want to part with his money. Is this a dependence on the ruble? Or another striking example is Gobshek, shown by Honore de Balzac in the distant one thousand eight hundred and thirty years. The problem of the story, with almost two hundred years of history, still remains relevant.

Loans enslave people.

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If, for example, I have a small loan debt, then I can not go on a trip abroad. I simply “do not open” the visa! But many simply cannot live without debt. Refrigerator, TV, car — all credited. Of course, it is very difficult to accumulate a “decent” amount in order to purchase a washing machine for cash. And an ordinary Russian citizen with a “legal” income and without a mortgage cannot be overpowered an apartment at all. But just recently, at the time of the youth of our parents or grandmothers, it was possible to get an apartment from the state, having worked for it for ten years in the “budget”.

I have long noticed that a person who constantly thinks only about money becomes malicious and “callous”. Perhaps I am still young, but I can distinguish between good and evil. Of course, not always money is negative pieces of paper. If you properly manage the funds, then they can bring many benefits. It is worth recalling Constantine Khabensky and his charity fund for helping children. This is the case when money is good.

But since in today's world without money anywhere, you have to earn them honestly. Man has been given unlimited opportunities in gaining knowledge, which will help in improving his financial situation. The main thing is not to turn money from good to evil!

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