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Say what you think about hobbies (Школьные сочинения)

ГДЗ по английскому языку; Rainbow English; 5-й класс; Unit 4; Step 9; упр. 5; стр. 42.

– I think that hobbies are useful for people because hobbies make our life brighter and more interesting.

– I know different kinds of hobbies: doing sport, playing sports games, playing computer games, reading books, watching films and cartoons, learning foreign languages, painting and drawing, making dolls, going to the theatre and so on.

– My family have a lot of hobbies. My father likes reading magazines about cars. My mother is interested in cooking tasty food and working in her garden from spring to autumn. My little brother spends all his free time playing military computer games. My elder sister cannot live without playing musical instruments and listening to music.

– Yes, people can have more than one hobby at the same time.

If a person is interested in many things and likes to do many things, that person becomes a good worker and a good friend.

– I think that every person has his or her own answer to this question. For me the most interesting hobbies are hobbies that make me cleverer.

– My hobbies are reading books, watching videos on the Internet, learning foreign languages and also going for long walks and taking beautiful unusual photos of my town and nature.

– No, I had different hobbies two or three years ago. I didn't read so much and I watched very few videos. I wasn't interested in foreign languages. I was a little boy and my parents didn't let me walk far away from my house, so I didn't take any photos. But I did some other things instead. I collected unusual colourful buttons and candy wrappers, played different word games with my parents and also observed the weather and kept a special diary for that.

– I would like to learn to play some musical instrument. For example, I like to listen to guitar music and piano music.

Словарик к заданию:

cartoon – мультфильм

foreign language – иностранный язык

military – военный

at the same time – в одно и то же время, одновременно

few – мало

instead – вместо этого

button – пуговица

candy wrapper – фантик/обёртка от конфеты

word game – игра в слова

observe – наблюдать, вести наблюдения за

diary – дневник


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