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Letter and essay: ЂEducation is the most important possession a person can haveї. ћ.¬. ¬ербицка€ 2020. ¬ариант 5 (—очинени€ ≈√Ё английский €зык)




Dear Judith,

Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you. Sorry I haven't answered you earlier, but I was really busy with my school. Sounds like you had a good time in the workshop!

In your letter you asked me about whether I liked handmade or factory-made toys. Well, I prefer handmade toys, because they are made of safe organic materials.

I think the most popular types of toys or games among teenagers are stuffed toys and video games. I like such art activity as drawing, itТs very relaxing.

By the way, how much does the exhibition in the city hall cost? Do they provide a Russian-speaking guide? Can you take photos there?

Well, I'd better go now as I have to do my homework.

Write back soon!



Education is the most important possession a person can have

Nowadays, the problem of whether education is the most significant ownership a person can ever have causes great argument and controversy. Some people are convinced that education is a meaningful possession for people. However, the others believe that there is something more important than academic knowledge. Let us speculate what makes them think so.

In my opinion, education is necessary for people in the modern world. Firstly, it gives us knowledge of the world around us. Secondly, it helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. It plays a big role in our lives because during this process they become a person.

However, not all people share my opinion. They suggest that possession of education is nothing for people, because the most important part of our life is family.

Despite my respect for this point of view, I cannot agree with this statement, because we live for ourselves and learn how to survive in the world with the knowledge that we have.

All in all, education is significant for all of us. Despite the arguments of different skeptics I am convinced that education is the only way to improve our knowledge and way of living.


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