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Labor contentedness: a priority or a preference? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Labor contentedness is an essential feature of one’s welfare due to the fact that a majority of people spends most of their adulthood at work. From my understanding, having the proletariat satisfied with their jobs should be an ultimate goal for the society, even though the aim might be reached in an idealized situation only.

Speaking of the factors contributing to employment contentedness, there are several elements of one’s satisfaction with their labor. First and foremost, a worker should be pleased with their responsibilities and position. Basically, an employee is not able to enjoy their job without genuinely adoring the field they work in and being keen on the activity. Next, it must be said that one’s contentedness with a collective they are a part of is a valuable component of job satisfaction.

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As far as I’m concerned, human beings spend most of their lifetime in public hence being surrounded with pleasant people is truly a key. Last but not least, a worker ought to be financially stable and wealthy to experience wellbeing. As the saying goes, money is similar to a sixth sense without which one cannot make a complete use of the other five. In other words, finance is not a goal but an instrument yet getting well-paid is an important factor of an employee’s joyfulness.

However, the listed elements are rather hard to implement and put into effect. Firstly and undeniably, finding out a person’s ideal job is a difficult task, especially considering the fact that there are loads of humans who struggle with that. Secondly, the ultimate peacefulness and perfection of each team is simply impossible due to individuals having different personalities and views. Lastly, providing every worker with a high salary requires a ton of changes in the world’s economic and social system.

To sum up, I claim that providing job satisfaction for all workers is an essential target that will lead to the society’s prosperity, even though the task might most likely turn out to be unreachable.

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