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Отчет о школьной столовой Spotlight 10 6e упр 12 a (Школьные сочинения)

To: "write here the name of your school headteacher", school headteacher

From: "write here your name", class representative

Subject: School canteen

Date: "write here your current date"

The purpose of this report is to assess the good and bad points of our school canteen.

The first thing to be considered is that the canteen offers a standard menu of ordinary dishes. Food prices are almost reasonable, all dishes are cooked in accordance with sanitary standards. In addiction, there are benefits for children from low-income families.

There is no doubt in the fact, that the staff is quite friendly, but there are not many workers. A small number of them can not cover all the tables at the same time, so the food becomes cold by the arrival of students. What's more, it often looks unappetizing and, due to the lack of salt, tasteless. Sometimes a tasty dessert is served - waffles, juice, cookies, chocolate bars, gingerbread or cinnamon rolls.

The atmosphere in the canteen is fine and typical for the school - formal.

The canteen is made in white, blue and brown colors, it is a huge hall with many tables. It is always very noisy, because the size of this room is the cause of good acoustics.

All the things considered, it is not so bad, and despite all its faults, the school canteen copes with the task of providing food to a huge crowd of schoolchildren. I have only to say that I would recommend raising the quality of the food or lowering the price for it and replacing some furniture.


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