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Говорение. Задание 3. Task 3. You are going to give a talk about travelling (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Вариант 1

Travelling has always been a very popular pastime. People travel for various reasons: they want to see new countries, find friends or just eat some exotic food.

When it comes to travelling, one has to choose a type of transport. This choice depends on travellers' personal preferences. Those who want to get to their destination as quickly as possible choose the plane, those who like contemplating beautiful landscapes take the train, and those who prefer sea views go by ship.

But not all means of transport are equally good for everyone. For example, some people are afraid to fly. Despite the fact that modern planes are very safe, such people may feel stressed when they are in the air. The other possible explanation of their fear is that they experience some health problems during or after the flight.

As for me, I think that travelling is an awesome way to have fresh impressions and make life brighter.

Вариант 2

At present, there are a lot of people who are fond of travelling.

Why is that? I think the main reason is that travelling gives you a wider perspective of the world, fills your life with new locations, people, and impressions. Moreover, while travelling you learn many interesting things about cultures and languages.

In order to get from A to B, you need transport. The choice of a particular kind of transport depends on such key factors as the destination and purpose of the travel, current costs, your personal preferences, etc. That is why different people tend to choose different means of transport.

As for personal preferences, their role can be really very significant. For example, some people prefer going by train or by ship, because they are afraid to fly. This fear is usually due to the fact that such people believe planes are dangerous and can easily fall.

As far as my attitude to travelling is concerned, I am sure that travelling brings variety into our life and enriches it with new emotions.


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