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A sad love story (Сочинение на свободную тему)

Guests from the planet of Fire arrived at the planet of Water. They finally decided to make peace and live without hostility. The king and queen of the planet of Water politely and friendly met the king of another planet and his son. While adults were solving political affairs, the prince Hoty and princess Aqua went to play in the garden. There were a lot of beautiful ponds, rivers, waterfalls and fountains. They had a good time and got on well together. Aqua gave a boy a nice shell. He gladly accepted the gift and understood that he got a crush on her. When they were walking near the waterfalls, Hoty made a proposal to her. But when they hugged, the prince moved away from her. He was so hurt that he screamed.

The king of the planet of Fire ran into the garden and took his offspring. He got angry and went back to his home. Soon, Aqua's parents decided that it was time for her to marry. Her kith and kin matched a couple, but princess didn’t want start a family with this person. Nevertheless, her parents set a wedding day. That day everyone was happy except Aqua and Hoty. Bridesmaids were lost in admiration on rich bachelors, the king and queen were talking about the dowry, her sisters were dreaming about their future nephews and nieces. Aqua was sad, because it was marriage of convenience, but she had dreamt about marrying for love since her childhood. And Hoty was unhappy too, he held his favorite shell in his hand and cried. He had to go to this wedding with his father, as they were also invited. Aqua and Hoty secretly met, and they got a crazy idea. They hugged again and then Aqua evaporated, and Hoty disappeared.


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