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It's more enjoyable to live in a big family (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

A big family means a family, which consists of more than two children. Some people think that living in a big family is the God’s gift. While there are people of the different point of view, who find living in a small family more comfortable and, of course, easier to deal with.

In my opinion, it is great when there are several children in one family. First of all, when there are a lot of children, a family turns into a small social model. This social model can have positive effect on every child. It teaches them how to behave themselves in different situations, for example, they might have some quarrels about toys meaning they shall find an amicable solution for that problem. Secondly, living in a big family is fun. None of the family members feels bored, as there are a lot of household chores and there is always someone with whom he or she is able to talk to.

However, there are some people with the different opinion. They think maintaining a big family is not easy, as it requires a lot of money. Parents should spend money on food, clothes and surely give some pocket money to their children. They also have to have extra budget for spending in case of an emergency situation.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with the above opinion. Nowadays big families can get a maternal capital from the government. It certainly supports the family’s budget. The maternal capital can be spent on improvement of living conditions, children’s education or even on buying a new car.

To sum up, although there might be some difficulties in growing up a lot of children, I strongly believe that every problem can be solved, especially within a big family with support of its members. The biggest family in the world consists of 39 children from one mother. It is really impressive and gorgeous!


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