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London town (Школьные сочинения)

A Call of History

Have your heart ever beaten like a drops on a rainy day, waiting for touching something secret and unknown? You might feel this when you leaf brittle pages of an old book, or get inside the cave and find elder paintings of mammoths and wild cats… In our world there no many countries, that can suggest you this feeling, but England is one of them. If you don’t think so give me couple minutes to change your mind!


Well, I think it’s better to start from the beginning of all other arguments – history. History of England is almost as old as the first human beings – it starts from the Paleolithic era and continues up to now. First colonization of still peninsula, involuntary leaving because of ice age, becoming province of Roman empire, being captured by the Normans, fighting with France about hundred years and trying to depose Napoleon inside powerful coalition – is about only thousandth of events happened to this country during its long and colorful history. I think I must tell you about most interesting, in my opinion, parts of it.

Pioneers of Britain

Britain’s colonization wasn’t easy thing for first humans they had to fight for this land. Gominids (human-like monkeys) got to this lands using Doggerland. It was large terrestrial bridge between island and continent.

But they weren’t able to live here for a long time: usual ice ages created too hard conditions for this. Most of island was covered by tundra, so it was hard to live here. People mostly hunted on deer, mammoths and other herd animals. People were always travelling, so archeologists found different jewelry made out of stones located hundreds kilometers further! It was continuing until the climate became warmer so forests were thicker. Travelling was harder, though, and most herd animals have gone to north open, but cold fields. Because of global warming Doggerland have gone under water, so Britain became island now. Now people had to learn how to live in new conditions. First villages were created humans learned how to hunt on smaller animals. Rare metals and stones had founded, so trading relationship with continent developed. It has been continuing until about 50 years B.C., when Caesar reclaimed those lands. From this moment another Age of British history begins so you can read about it if you are interested.

Relationship with Vikings

Vikings, mostly Danes, started conquest of England by the end of eighth century. They have captured some east territory, but then were stopped by wise rulers. Peace had been continuing until the end of 10th century, as Ethelred II Unread became a king. During some clashes he had provoked Danes, as a result they started attack England lands and made Ethelred pay “Danegeld money”. This events helped to decide Ethelred II to kill all Vikings living in the England. This happened on the 13th November of 1002 year, several thousand Vikings died. This occasion made Danes’ king Sven attack England, which had no chance to survive. Sven captured England, but died soon. Ethelred was chosen again, but died too in 1016. After such a long and full of defeats war England had no powers left, so in 1066 it was finally taken by William I the Conqueror…

Why do I want to come to London

All of this is quite interesting, isn’t it? And London was always in the middle of different actions, its history had started even before the Romans had conquered the England. Even in Before Christ it was important town, but Romans also built a castle in it, so it became one of the most influenced city in the Britain. Could its builders imagine that this town will not only survive in the examination of history, but become one the most respectable city of in the whole world? This city is about 2000 years old, so can you imagine how many events has it relieved? How many stories has left untold? I’d like to seek secrets here – and who knows, what will be found?


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