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How to choose good clothes (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

When it comes to buying clothes, a lot of people get puzzled by the task. It's easy to understand them though, because buying clothes is not what we do on a daily basis. What makes things even more complicated is that we often don't know or remember what exactly different sizes and other characteristics of clothes mean. Finally, nowadays the choice of clothes is so enormous that a person entering a clothes shop gets actually lost in the endless ocean of various tempting options. This article is supposed to be a short guide for those who want to find and buy good clothes without spending too much effort on that.

Our first piece of advice is as follows: make out what exactly you want or need to buy. If you don't have any particular image of what you desire in your mind, you're certain to waste lots of time roaming the malls.

Moreover, in this case shops will find it much easier to trick you out of your money by making you believe that the only thing you need in your life right now is their overpriced brand shoes or something like that. So, carefully look through your wardrobe and decide what it lacks, then make a list of those items. For example, your analysis shows that you need a new pair of shoes because you have already grown out of the old one. So, put that on the list and strictly stick to it once in the shop. Never let yourself get distracted from your purpose, otherwise your shopping will just steal your time and blow a hole in your budget. In case you are still hesitant, steer clear of the shop for a while. You may also ask your relatives and friends for advice. More often than not they can help you find the right way.

The next thing to do is to learn how to interpret sizes. Again, you may ask somebody to clarify the issue for you or you may try and do it on your own. Unimportant as they may seem, sizes can easily get you in big trouble if you ignore them. For example, there is a good chance of ending up with a pair of shoes that are too tight or too loose. So, make sure you are as good at sizes as an experienced shop assistant before you go out clothes hunting. The same holds true for other stuff of the kind: take some time to learn the difference between types of materials. Decide what materials you like and what you don't. It would also be of much use to get to know if you're allergic to any of them.

Once the shopping list is ready and you know how to deal with sizes, you should find a place that has the needed item on hand. At this stage, use the Internet and search for shops in your location. If they have websites, visit those websites and try to obtain the information you need. If your online attempts fail, feel free to make a call and talk to the shop manager. You can also collect data by speaking to your relatives and friends. Most of them always have some valuable information to share with you.

The final stage of your quest is coming to the shop and trying the desired piece of clothes on. This is not the moment to be shy, so don't hurry and spend as much time examining the item as you think necessary. Put questions to the shop assistant. They are there to help customers, not to fatten their pockets. Do not hesitate to demand the documents proving that what you're going to buy meets international quality requirements. When you have no more doubts, purchase the item.

These days there's one more way to buy clothes that is constantly gaining popularity – Internet shopping. But that topic is a very wide one, and it's reasonable to touch on it within a separate article.

So, to sum up, we can present clothes hunting as consisting of the following main steps: 1. analyzing your needs and wishes and formulating what exactly you are going to buy; 2. learning about sizes, materials, etc.; 3. finding a shop with your item in stock; 4. visiting the shop as a competent and confident buyer; 5. purchasing the item in case of no doubts.


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