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The Internet is the most useful invention in the world (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Just ten years ago few people heard about the Internet. Now it is nearly as common and useful As the telephone. More and more people use the Internet and do not imagine their life without it. Despite this fact others consider the Internet the main evil in our world.

As for me, I think that the Internet is the best thing, which has ever been created. Firstly, it helps us to get education. We can find a lot of useful information, use Electronic encyclopedias and download all kinds of books, movies and music. Secondly, the Internet connects people to each other. We chat with people from different cities and countries and are in touch with our loved one. In addition, we can do any work distantly from anywhere in the world.

However, some people believe that the Internet is the harmful invention because it affects our health badly.

Sitting a lot of time before the screen makes us tired and stressed and spoiled our eyes. Moreover, surfing in the Internet all day long, we are getting lost in the abudance of information.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with the statement above. We should do sport to improve and strengthen the health and escape stress. What is more, we should control and reduce our pasttime in the Internet because it helps us not to see extra information.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is impossible to call the Internet bad or good thing only. If we control ourselves, the Internet will be our friend and helper.


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