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A pupil can not study effectively without a computer (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In the modern world, students spend a lot of time with computers. More often they surf the Internet. It can be either browsing social networks or communicating with friends. People also use the Internet for their study.

Let’s consider some pros and cons of this issue. As for me, I also use my computer for study. To begin with, the Internet helps me doing my homework. I can find more information about different subjects, research many topics and learn additional material. Moreover, computer technologies make it possible to create all kinds of e-documents, for example, text documents, presentations, tables and graphs. As it is known, visual presentation makes the information more vivid and comprehensible.

What is more, social networks make an opportunity to communicate with foreigners. It is an integral part of studying foreign languages.

On the other hand, teenagers waste a lot of time watching entertaining videos, films or serials. In most cases, it takes most of the time which can be spent with advantage. Besides, many computer games drag down children and distract them from more important matters. Furthermore, excessive use of gadgets can provoke health problems such as eyesight decline and scoliosis.

In my opinion, I still disagree that teenagers waste their time for computer entertainment because I think if students want to play games, they should just find free time for it.

So it is up to everybody to decide whether using computers for study or not, but it cannot be denied that at present modern technologies play a big role in teaching. Thanks to them, we can find various information, which can be used for educational purposes.

Considering all the facts provided above, one may conclude that technologies are important for the learning process, however, they are to be rationally applied.


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