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Honesty is the best policy (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is a common saying that being honest is the greatest way to live. However, there are some people who can not agree with this point of view. Let us speculate about this theme.

As for me, honesty is not the most important trait. First of all, being completely honest usually means to be rude to others and tell everyone your opinion even when it is inappropriate.Second of all, honesty blocks the road to a successful career, that is why it becomes impossible to make a fortune. and let us not forget that truth-tellers are often considered to be sneaks. So, the policy of honesty can make you nothing, but a derelict.

From the other hand, honesty has some positive aspects.To start with, the bitter truth is always more valuable than the sweet lie. Furthermore, honest people are perceived as more responsible and reliable, so they have more chances to be demanded employees.

That is why it becomes clear that the truth facilitates life and makes it better.

I cannot completely agree with the opposite opinion. Firstly, sometimes it is better to hide the truth not to hurt someone you love. Secondly, the employers are more likely looking for qualified people than for the truth-tellers.

To sum up, I would like to say that both truth and lie are relative and as D.Lynn said “ the truth is just a saying the deceit of which is not proved yet”. That is why we should be able to identify whether to be honest or not.


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