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The future of education – books or computers? (ЕГЭ по русскому)

This is a very difficult question.

Nowadays, there are many ways to get new information to be more educated, the main are books and electronic devices. Some people claim that in future young people will learn at schools using only computers and laptops, whereas others believe that books will not disappear.

In my opinion, textbooks will not be taken from schools in future. Firstly, some people can learn something only from books, because they can touch it, make some notes there and so on. Secondly, books are much cheaper than expensive computers. Thirdly, reading real books brings some people more pleasure than reading from a screen.

As for computers, there are many advantages of them. For example, pupils can save millions of books on their laptops, so there will be no need in wearing hard rucksacks or bags.

Besides, they will be able to search for any information they need at any time, watch educational videos on the lessons, so it will be more exciting to study.

However, the gadgets will not always be a good idea because they can be harmful for pupils’ health, for instance, for eyes, backbone, etc. Also, if you want to use the Internet, you will need an access to Wi-Fi, which sometimes must be paid or may be absent.

To conclude, books and computers have their pros and cons for studying. Computers are useful, they develop rapidly, but in future for some people it will be more convenient to use paper books.

Thanks for attention.


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