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Working in office is boring (Легион 2019. Вариант 9) (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

N 40.1

Nowadays companies are needed in wide rounds of people to solve their great but difficult projects. That is why there are so many offices for such workers as it is important and convenient to keep all your needful specialists in the same place. Unfortunately, many voices of these office workers say that they are bored with being in these buildings.

In my opinion, there are no reasons not to believe them.

Firstly, it is often really difficult and takes a lot of effort to concentrate on the tasks in offices because of crowds, running among you all day long. Secondly, constant noise in offices from talking people, ringing phones and loud printing annoys people, they even can easily take an intolerable headache for the whole evening after work.

On the other hand, modern companies like Google, Apple or Microsoft make all of their best to provide a comfortable and warm behavior of their workers. They offer free food and drinks, opportunities to use a gym, a swimming pool or even a bedroom for their people without a need to go out of the building.

Anyway, there are not a lot of such companies and most offices are still hot, noisy and irritable places.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that when all companies begging to do all the best for their workers, take off everything that makes them bored, the work in offices will be pleasant, but now it is still a dream.

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