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Some people say that Money makes the world go round; others say that Money is the root of all evil (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In our modern world, no one can survive without money. We need it to buy food and clothes and to pay for any service. So, people always argue about its role in our life. Many believe that money makes the world go round while others think money embodies all evil. To my mind, both opinions are right to some extent for the following reasons.

On the one hand, money forces people to introduce new technologies. For example, when machines replaced people in factories, the owners gained more profit. At the same time, new techniques are based on the achievements in different sciences. Thus, money encourages the development of various sciences and the knowledge about the world. Moreover, it makes people work and get education otherwise most would prefer to be lazy.

As well, not many would have such simple skills as reading and writing. Money can be spent and this gives a lot of opportunities. For instance, going abroad makes life more interesting. So, it is an extra stimulus in order not to waste the time.

On the other hand, money causes many troubles. Most murders and burglaries happen because of money. The social inequality is often the reason why people start wars and revolutions. Furthermore, people forget about other things such as trust, loyalty and kindness and become the slaves of their income. So, life loses all its colors and happiness.

In conclusion, it is hard to imagine our life without money. However, people have discussed for a long time if money is good or bad and whether it helps our world to progress or causes only problems. I share both opinions since people study, work, develop sciences and adopt new technologies to get money and spend it as they want. But also, money makes us its slaves and furthers crime.


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