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What season is the most preferable for you? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Everything changes around us all the time. And this concerns not only people and their social lifes but also our nature. Every three month we can see changing of seasons which comes into existence in accordance with natural settings. Seasons and conditions of the weather are always different and different people's opinions and preferances are formed about them. Somebody understands that it's better and more comfortable for him to live in hot weather but other people think the opposite. Everything is relative and depend on conditions which person used to live in. But to talk about me I can't definitely answer the question which season is more preferable for me because lots of advantages and disadvantages exist about each season some of which I'm really obsessed with but some I really hate.

But if I need to choose I will make an exception and choose winter. Let's consider why.

First of all, I like winter because I absolutely adore the fact how nature can transformate our streets at this time. Those incredibly beautiful parks which are covered with snow-white carpet. And how all of this can shine in the sun is amazing and brings gratification to my soul.

Secondly, I'm really obsessed with winter due to it's permanence. Winter is that season when most of the time the weather is snowy and doesn't change that cardinally as in the spring when part of the day shows up as hot but then it suddenly turns out to feel like -15 degrees. This is definitely mad situation. But winter protects me from this as I'm not a big fan of changing. The last but not the least advantage of winter is connected with kind of psychological fact. Most of the people particularly me feel better and calmer exactly in this season. It's the time when I can settle down, stop chasing for things and get relaxation. It 's just the simple impact on my perception which however cheers me up. Anyway, it's only my point of view which isn't required to be considered as the main truth. Any season is perfect by itself so we can find the pleasure in any.


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