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«Should we agree with globalization» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There are a lot of debates about globalization. Some people consider that it is a useful process while others are strongly against it. Which of these opposing opinions is more reasonable and acceptable?

In my opinion, globalization is a very good thing because it gives lots of advantages to humanity. Firstly, it helps to lessen a rate of unemployment. Nowadays more and more people find a job they want thanks to global companies. Secondly, the global economy creates diverse local markets. It allows people to buy almost all types of goods that are produced all over the world without going out their home area.

However, some people may object by saying that globalization is a bad process.

They insist that globalization leads to exploitation of workers. As known, one of the main goals of modern companies is to get as much money as possible. So, the managers are said not to give enough attention to observing the rights of their workers. Also, anti-globalists believe that multinational companies crush the cultures of small nations and make their economy dependent on the world leaders.

I do not agree with my opponents. Talking about exploitation workers, I think it is just exaggeration. It is proved that modern companies aspire to observe all human rights and improve the working environment. As for crushing national cultures, I consider it's not only a crush but the modernization as well. Because of it, cultures receive new elements, become richer and more modern.

In conclusion, I would like to say that globalization plays a big role in the world nowadays. It makes people's life easier, gives them new opportunities and helps nations feel dependent on each other.


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