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Advantages and disadvantages of using a mobile phones. Плюсы и минусы мобильного телефона (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays a lot of people think that mobile phones are very necessary. I know that everyone at the world use a mobile phone. There are many benefits to having one.But lets see if mobile phone have only benefits or it can be danger for us.

From my point of view,people must be responsible when they use thier mobile phones. I should say that I know a lot of situations when the phone may be harnmful not only only for the owner ,but also for surrounding people.

I know a lot of advantages of using a mobile phone.

For example,having a phone means that you staing connected with other people. If you need to talk to someone you can only take your phone and call to somebody you want. Moreover,phones are compact ,that is why you can take it wherever you want. What is more you can take lots of photos with your phone and also take a video.Another important aspect of the phone is that it has access to the Internet. Owing to this we learn a lot of interesting information.

On the other hand,it has their disadvantages too. When we study or work phones can be very distracting. There are a lot of situation when people use their phones while driving and have a crash. Also when you use phone to talk with somebody you have not got a face-to-face communication. You sit in front of screen and write but the same time you can sit in front of your friend.Phones not only distract us from the road but also they are dangerous to our health, they spoil our eyesight and they are radioactive.

To conclude, phones are important for existence in our time. But this necessity enslaves us. It is also important to remember that using the phone should be deliberate. After all, children often use the phone for whom access to the Internet is not always safe


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