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Interview answer: About myself (Сочинение на свободную тему)

Interview answer: about myself

• Long-range& short-range goals;

• Goals for the next 10 years;

• Rewards;

• Expectations of being paid in 5 years;

• Type of job or Location of job;

• Motivation;

• Strengths and weaknesses;

• Accomplishments;

• Education;

My name is Val. I am 20 year old student from Kazakhstan. I study on the 3rd course of Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages at the pedagogical faculty.

Each of us has its own long-range and short-range goals. As for me, I can definitely say that my short-range goals are to finish my Bachelor’s degree, find a job and visit special courses to be well qualified in my job. I think that these goals are very important for me now. Here, the main thing is to get high education and later the roads will exactly open for you. I also have long range goals like to work at schools or colleges to get experience and gain the income in order to travel and practice languages. As a rule, you need to make a step without fear and you the way you were searching for.

In order to achieve these aims everyone needs a preparation, and this preparation is different for everybody. Due to that fact, I also have strong preparation for instance, visiting IELTS courses and English&German individual courses to gain knowledge and use it in a real life. That is the way of self-development.

In addition to this, I can name some specific goals for the next 10 years. Firstly, I will have a job which brings me pleasure. Besides, I would like to have an attempt to work abroad to gain experience over there. Even if it takes time, I can definitely say that after whole I will have an opportunity to set up my own business in 5 years combining different seminars, courses to develop myself and improve my business.


In short, I should keep myself up to date.

But what I really want in my life is to create my business and become good specialist. So, I will have an opportunity to help my parents and travel with them around the world.

As a general rule, each person should have rewards in his career. Frankly speaking the most feasible rewards for me are: 1) the acceptance of my business by clients and friendly staff; 2) feedback and progress; Moreover, it is important for me to see that my parents are proud of me and my efforts.

On the whole, it is not easy to say, my expectations of being paid in five years. It needless to say I will gain income and therefore, I will have an opportunity to help my parents as they deserve it. Secondly I want to support my own family and apart from all I mentioned before, I would like to travel around the world.

Speaking about money, I know a lot of people who quite often run for money afterwards they get nothing from job and their life. The money’s come and nothing’s changed. So people should change the way they think and put new goals. If you want to see a good result or progress, you have to do your best.

Nonetheless, a person shouldn’t give up because sometimes the life is like a zebra with black and white stripes. I always try to make my zebra colorful and happy in order to live my life fully.

The next interesting point is the type of job. So as for me, the type of job is more important because it is really necessary to get pleasure from your work. It helps to stay motivated.

In brief, I would like to say about motivation itself. To wait for something is not enough. You must hunger for it! Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way. So, motivation is everything. As for me, my parents who just support me and a good result of my work are also motivation. But anyway, you should remember that if you focus on results - you will never change, but if you focus on change – you will get results.

To speak about my greatest strengths, I am easy trained, easy going and always have an interest to learn something new. Meantime, I will not deny having some weaknesses because it is normal as we are all humans, we aren’t perfect at all! My weakness is my shyness which I try to overcome. Indeed, I am hard-working, responsible, reliable and energetic. (So I don’t need kinda of Adrenaline Ruch drink!)I am sure that my friends, family and employers will confirm my words.

By the way, we shouldn’t forget about such theme like education. As far as I consider education prepared me for a career. Firstly, because it gave me good knowledge of foreign languages and simultaneously helped me to choose the sphere I want to work and develop myself.

Each of us ought to know how to become successful in his life and career. Everybody needs to realize what to strive for. First of all, a person should be communicative and easy going within his colleagues and a chief. Only such qualities lead to success.

Speaking about accomplishments which have given me the most satisfaction are influx of clients, satisfaction of my clients and the observation of the results by them. I believe that in order to have a good job and rewards, we ought to study well and only then we can choose the sphere where we would like to work. It is related to the university. I entered the University and I feel myself really happy that I have made a right choice in choosing the profession because it is in-demand.

By the way, all the high qualified specialists in a particular sphere are demanded specialists. Even if you have already graduated from the university you should keep learning new things every time. I try to follow such a proverb ‘Time spent learning is never lost!’

As I have already started to speak about education, I would like to say some words about academic subjects. Usually, my favorite academic subjects at my linguistic college were stylistics, theory and practice of translation, country studying and practice of oral and written speech. I like everything what is connected with a language, its etymology and history. What is more, it’s interesting to know neologisms, read about slangs and jargonisms in different countries whereas, increasing knowledge and vocabulary. I am talking specifically about academic discipline called lexicology.

According to school subjects, I was keen on literature and geography. I tend to read and work with maps. I guess it is my great-grand-mother’s gens because she was a cartograph. That is why I have a perfect accuracy in filling the maps.

Nowadays, I learn 3 languages such as English, German and Kazakh. Due to the fact that the world has changed a lot nowadays, so we have to change educational system using new technologies and creating a new methodology with special approaches for each type of student in order to increase the interest in learning something new independently and motivate them. Therefore, I can say I enjoy doing researches, projects independently because nobody interrupts you and you can be plunged in your work deeply. The main point is to be sure in yourself, your work and result.

If we speak about university researches, so do not pay attention to your grades because they aren’t an indication of your academic achievements. We have to know about simple things like human factor. Last of all, keep the result of your work in your mind and go on doing something which develops you!

Finally I would like to say that I have a great wish to become a part of your company and do my best for its success. I would be glad to attend an interview at any time convenient to you. Please, see my resume for additional information if it is required.


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