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Отличие отношений с семьей от отношений с друзьями Россия-многонациональная страна Мартин Купер Жертва преступления (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

{Отличие отношений с семьей от отношений с друзьями}

We after closer from friends than family, because we think, that friend will understand us, but parents do not understand. Also with friends easier break relations, than family, because you and family have common life.

When we look at the law, the friends can surrender, but family cannot surrender, because Constitution asserts, what people cannot testify.

{Россия - многонациональная страна}

Russia is famous as a multinational state, more than 190 peoples live on the territory of the country. Most of them turned out to be accession of new territories. Each nation is distinguished by its history, culture and heritage.

Jews are people dating back to the people ancient Israel and kindows, they basically live in Jewish Autonomous Region.

Germans are Samoyed people in Russia, in habiting the Eurasian coast of the Arctic Ocean from the Kola Pehinsula to Taimyr.

They live in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

Mansi is an indigenous people in Western Siberia. They engage hunting, fishing and herding, live in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area.

I have taken people, who lives in the regions, that created on a national basis.

{Мартин Купер}

I think, what Martin Cooper is my ideal.

I will try to explain why I admire him interestingly, Martin Cooper called the first phone. He worked fo a long time and achieved his goal. It was a great success.

Martin Cooper invented something that changed the world, but received for the invention 1 dollar. But he did not surrender and created his company, that help to earn money.

Martin Cooper is genius, I admire he, because he is person, who goes to this goal not for everything. I dream to have same desire.

Жертва преступления

Peter loves collecting toy cars. He got it on birthday, bought its. Peter knew every toy cards. But two months ago two robbers burgled family’s house. They didn’t take anything, expect. Peter’s toy cars. Peter was upset. Father found box near the fence a week late. Robbers returned Peter’s toy cars, because the understood as these toys are important for Peter. Police didn’t found two robbers, because the witnesses of burglary were ancient.


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