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«Eating out is often noisy and crowded, it`s far better to be with family and friends and delicious home cooked food» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays more and more cafes are appearing. Many people prefer to eat out. Others think home food is more delicious.

I, personally, believe it is far better to eat at home. Firstly, home food is healthier and more useful for people. In fact, people can cook a healthy meal from good products which they can buy themselves and escape health problems. So, homemade food is safe even for those who have limitations because of diseases. Secondly, lots of people prefer relaxed atmosphere at home. In fact, crowds of people in cafes can make one feel a headache and pressure on him because a person has to worry about what he looks like. That is why, home is the best choice for everyone to feel comfortable discussing news with family during meals.

However, some people claim eating out is beneficial because a person can try many different and even exotic dishes. Besides, to buy products and cook every day is time consuming and takes lots of energy.

Anyway, I disagree with this opinion. Modern technologies allow people to buy food online and to order a home delivery. Thus, people can escape wasting time on shopping and save a lot of energy. As for the first argument, it is not difficult to cook various meals nowadays because there are many websites with different recipes for cooking. Moreover, electronics help people to save time on cooking.

Summing up, despite the opinion of some people, I am sure eating at home has lots of benefits as such food is fresh, natural and eating at home is relaxing.


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