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О зиме (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Fabulous and beautiful time of year — winter. It brings the world cold and frost, snow storms and meter-high snowdrifts. But at the same time it gives the opportunity to have fun during the winter holidays, sledding and playing snowballs. Winter is a favorite time for many people and children. I love her very much too. Every year I wait no less than summer.

When winter comes, the whole world becomes magical. Sparkle in the sun snowflake, icicles hanging from the roofs of houses and huts, and the trees are dressed in original snow-white outfits. Many birds fly to warmer climes in autumn. And those who remained, in severe frosts arrive to feeders and eat there grain and bread.

All nature rests in winter.

The ground is covered with a snow white blanket. Many animals hibernate and Wake up only in the spring, when it becomes warm and light outside. The trees are bare and stare at the magnificence of winter. Lakes are covered with a thick layer of ice and turn into ice rinks. The forest seems to fall asleep for a while, and all its inhabitants become quieter.

Winter is my favorite season of the year. I go sledding and skiing, I enjoy skating on the smooth surface of the ice. Most of all I love to have fun playing with friends in the snow. We sculpt snow women and insert a carrot into their nose. Icicles often fall from roofs. They are huge or very small. I also like winter holidays very much. When from morning to night you can run on the white snow and catch the falling snowflakes in his hands. It's interesting to hear the snow creaking under your feet.

Winter gives us a lot of holidays. Christmas tree and gifts from Santa Claus, carols and baptismal bathing. All this is very fun and exciting. Every year I look forward to the Christmas holidays to spend with my family. Winter can sometimes be a lot of miracles, because it is a fabulous time. And how good that she comes to visit us every year.


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