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People have become too dependent on technology пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

One issue that has caused a lot of controversy over the years is whether humans have become addicted to modern technologies or not. While some believe people can no longer live without their cellphones, others state that automation has changed our life for better so anything else does not matter. Let us consider both opinions in more detail.

To my mind, people do rely on technology too much and are mostly unable to do without it. First of all, its usage is ubiquitous in the process of studying, which has its drawbacks. For instance, using calculators during Math is unhealthy for our brains, and copying essays from the Internet leads to people’s inability to express their thoughts. Secondly, we may easily get lost if our battery dies and we cannot ‘google the whereabouts’.

However, some people disagree.

They are convinced that technology has done good. For example, humans can now keep in touch with their long-distance friends while not having to wait an eternity for their letter to get delivered by post. It also allows people to communicate with others more easily in other ways, they say.

Still I cannot share this opinion. People do have a great opportunity to converse thanks to technology. Nevertheless, we are getting more and more unable to talk to each other face-to-face in the real life because of social media, devices and so on.

To conclude, despite all the mentioned above, I still believe that people do, undoubtedly, depend too much on technology. We all should be aware of this and not let it overtake our lives.


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