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Life in the countryside is not for young people (ЕГЭ обществознание)

There have been ongoing disputes about the advantages and disadvantages of living in a village. Some people claim that it is the most suitable place for children, while others are skeptical about this view.

To my mind, both kids and adolescents should experience the countryside. Firstly, living in rural areas positively affects on growing organism of children as sunlight and fresh air has a primary importance for their physical and mental health. Secondly, a sense of community and the openness makes people feel accessible to each other so kids are more likely to be friendly and understanding. Finally, there is more space for development of children. For example, they can go fishing, take care about animals and learn the nature on their own.

However, the opponents argue that children living in the cities are often justified.

First of all, city life gives youngsters the ability to be exposed to culture. Museums, theatres, and cinemas are often easily available in cities. Also, there is higher level of education. Schools have better amenities, equipment and well-qualified teachers.

I disagree with the statements given above. City dwellers often have no time for parenting so their children cannot visit cultural places independently as urban areas tend to suffer from crime in comparison with rural areas. Also, there are fewer students in the countryside and each of them is individually paid attention to. Thereby, they show worthwhile results.

In conclusion, despite some advantages of living in urban areas, I am firmly convinced that children should live in the peaceful village.


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