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One should read about historical sites before sightseeing Пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

People of all ages like visiting different historical sites. However, there is a discussion. Some people think that one should read about historical sites he is going to see. Others believe that it is not necessary. Let us examine each of these points in details.

As for me, I think that one should read about any historical site before seeing it in person. Let me prove my point of view. First of all, it is always exciting to understand what guides are talking about. Secondly, knowing some information about a historical site can help to point out the guide's possible mistakes. Lastly, if one reads about any historical site, he will learn many new things.

On the other hand, there are people who believe that it is better not to know anything before sightseeing any historical site. The guides will tell visitors everything they need to know. In addition, it might be really boring if one already knows everything.

However, I disagree with that point of view. As I already stated, guides might make some mistakes. Also, it is important to know everything about the historical site one is going to see.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above, I would like to say that it is better to read about historical sites before sightseeing. That way people can learn more new things. Also, they might protect themselves from the fake facts. However, it is always a person's choice whether to read something or not.


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