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Many people think that dieting can lead to anorexia. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The question of proper nutrition has been currently important and unsettling for many decades and nowadays it still arouses the wide concern. Some people consider weight-reducing diets as a precursor of eating disorders, while others believe in its effectiveness and health benefit.

As far as I am concerned, most diets involve severe eating restrictions and therefore can become a catalyst for heightened obsessions about food. First of all, both dieting and anorexia stem from a similar feeling of physical imperfection and people brainwashed into thinking that slenderness is equated with beauty follow exhausting diets.

By the way, people forming their meal plans refuse to consult a doctor and make considerable mistakes in elements allotment. Moreover, the ones who suffer from eating disorders usually deny their mental incompetence, experience stress and reject medical treatment.

However, some people think that keeping a well-balanced diet may be essential for staying healthy. They focus on the fact that dieting may prevent many chronic health risks such as diabetes, obesity, and cancer. In addition, many treatment facilities use meal plans which are similar to diets and include distinct rules and boundaries as a way to treat eating disorders.

At the same time, I am sure that following a restrictive diet stays dangerous as it requires constant concentration and calorie counting which may lead to mental affections.

As a conclusion, I am unconvinced that improper nutrition may cause a number of severe diseases, including anorexia, but only we are liable for eating habits we have.


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