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In the digital age museums are still popular (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In the digital age museums are still popular.

Today we live in the age of technologies. People are given a chance to find any information in the Internet. Therefore, some people think that museums are not as popular as they were some time ago and are not essential now. Others claim that museums are still very significant.

As far as I’m concerned, I believe that museums are very important despite the existence of modern technologies. First and foremost, excursions to the museums are one of the most useful ways of education. Due to them, students might learn history, culture and traditions of their and other countries. Secondly, in the museum you are given a wonderful opportunity to use guide’s services. He can tell you some interesting facts about different topics, consequently your excursion will be much more fascinating.

Last but not least, museums are very essential for the tourist industry. And all the profits from visiting the museum by tourists will go to its development.

However, it is thought that in the digital age museums are not still important. People say that in the Internet you can find everything you want even online museum. They believe that it is much easier and faster to use the Net instead of going to the museums. What is more, very often children are not in favor of visiting museums. For them it is too boring to explore expositions and to listen to the guide.

Although these arguments might seem reasonable, I am sure that museums will always be essential. Visiting them you can see artifacts alive, feel the atmosphere of a certain period. It's much more interesting than watching everything through a computer screen. Furthermore, not to make children bored of the museums it is necessary to select excursions on the basis of their age and interests.

All things considered, though the Internet allows you to find any information and excursions to museums may be not interesting for children, I think that museums are still useful and significant. Only they can ptovide you with the visual and reliable information.


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