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Christmas Star 2016 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Christmas Star is a traditional competition which helds in high school №24 every year. The theme of performances was "The world in which I live." The contest was notable this year because students had an aim to show a play with a good script and plot, but students had to make separate performances, such as, dances, songs, and poetry readings. This organizers’ decision added the complexity and excitement, because imagine a dance or a song without any additional plot is incredible difficult, because they had to make performances which are dull, lively and dynamic, using only movement.

jury judged on different days, so festive excitement before the "Christmas Star" lasted much longer than usual. However, the disadvantage of such innovation was the fact that not all students could take part in the preparation and presentation, because early preparation to this contest used to gets students together. Also the performances on the big stage of musical college looked more spectacular. It is worth mentioning that all these difficulties did not prevent student and teacher to break the tradition of the contest-festival.

Students of 10 "G" class presented two dance and two songs.

Presenting performances proved difficult for children, they were confused at first, but they pulled themselves together and cope with this task well. Girls started make dances and sew the costumes. Boys got the guitar and sang familiar words for the good old motifs.

The first dance of boys and girls was "Everything is in our hands" and song "I remember you". it were very gentle, unhurried and touching. The second two numbers were a dynamic dance of girls "Radiation" and boys’ song "White Night". These performances were alive and bright. Classmates supported children from the audience. Participants of contest said that they have something to work on.

The famous words of Pierre de Coubertin - "The main thing is not to win but to take part" could not be better suited to describe the competition "Christmas Star" in our school. Students do not care about winning, they got closer to each other in preparation for the performance. they took pleasure in the organizational process. On stage, they do something together, what they like, sharing joy with teachers and classmates - all of this, perhaps, is the main prize in the New Year "Christmas Star".


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